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This way we can be sure that we actually get all of it because what’s behind the wall and unseen could be a lot higher than what we initially noticed. In fact, this is the case in most instances with mold that’s hidden between walls, being that it’s the wettest place and mold will grow more rapidly there.

On these types of jobs, mold remediation companies like us end up finding ourselves physically scrubbing the most contaminated areas on the wall. This is why we continuously run an air scrubber so that any mold that’s flying around in the immediate work area will be caught up before escaping that enclosed space.

Scrubbing will ensure that we remove the roots of the mold that are actually embedded into that inside wall. What we will generally do is apply an antimicrobial treatment to that heavily molded wall. We also utilize vacuum up everything that we are scrubbing that could possibly escape the work area.

Mold remediation is very important because of the fact that there are lots of health hazards. Many times those who are living in the household may not even be aware that they are allergic to mold, that is until it is actually present within the home.

Our experts at Dallas Mold Removal  have seen the worst instances of buildings needing mold remediation in Dallas. So, we’re barely surprised when we are called to do the cleaning of the worst infestations of various types of mold, even if that area has been ignored for a very extended period of time.

Mold Remediation Dallas