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Prior to a mold inspection in Dallas, many local residents experience things like complications with their allergies and actually think that the weather in Dallas at a certain time of year is what is causing them to feel that way.

They’ll sometimes even go to the doctor and ask why all of a sudden they are getting these spontaneous allergic reactions, and the doctor will say that they could possibly have a mold infestation in their home that is hidden. What we will do then is conduct mode inspection and testing where we will try to seek out any airborne active mold or moisture in specific areas of the residence.

At this point of the free mold inspection, we will be asking you what areas of the home that you spend the most time in and if those are the places where you begin to feel sort of sick after being in that certain space for an extended period of time. For example, if it’s a den where you watch movies for hours at a time, and while you’re in there you start noticing that your allergies are acting up or you are feeling nauseous, then this is an area that we will pay special attention to when we proceed with the mold inspection process.

Moisture in the air will itself hold at a cooler temperature, so in actuality, it’s pretty simple to detect it with the right equipment. Professional contractors normally use an electrical device and then follow up the findings from that digital instrument with a handheld moisture meter.

Mold Inspection Dallas

We’ll look in various areas that are generally moist, such as in the kitchen above cabinets (since heat rises) and below the sink where the plumbing is. Almost automatically knowing the most suspected places to look has just come with the years of accumulated experience that our contractors have.

Sometimes, simply using our second nature knowledge will render wonderful results when it comes down to locating the exact space or spaces where health-hazardous mold very well may be accumulating rapidly within your home. This is the advantage that you get by choosing our seasoned professionals at Dallas Mold Removal Company because novice mold inspection companies don’t have the skill to actually find a large number of these infested places with intuition and the naked eye as we can.

Some of these areas include spaces in your home where there is exposed plumbing, which is a feeding ground for bugs and mold. Lots of times things like this are in hidden crawl spaces that the homeowner barely looks at, and it’s not uncommon for us to find trash and debris that was left behind by previous contractors.

The free mold inspection that we conduct in your home doesn’t obligate you to hire our contractors for the mold remediation job. But with our trusted reputation among residents here for mold inspection in Dallas, it’s very seldom that a person who has hidden mold in their house that we found won’t move forward and utilize our outstanding year-round services to ensure that the harmful fungus is removed and the health their family is preserved.