Crawl Space Mold Removal

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Most of the folks who call us for crawl space mold removal in Dallas aren’t even aware that they even have mold down there in that lower area of the home. But the presence of mold shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, being that the crawl spaces of most homes have really high humidity levels and a lot of standing water around the area.

After them not being aware of it for so long, our season professionals at Dallas Mold Removal Company will regularly go out to the homeowners’ crawl space and find mold all over the place! The reason that crawl space mold will sneak up on most folks is because they don’t know how to look for it.

Even if they did know how to find the hidden fungus, the average person wouldn’t know what they were looking for. That’s why our experts on crawl space mold remediation are summoned by hundreds of homeowners in Dallas annually.

You may not have a whole lot of mold in your crawl space, but it may be just enough to make your family unhealthy being that things like your heating and air conditioning units are down in that area. The ventilation on these units can carry mold to other places in the house easily, but by that time it could be too late and someone could already be physically affected health wise.

Crawl Space Mold Removal

Crawl space mold is not always readily identifiable, but there is a way that you as the homeowner can spot it. All it takes is a flashlight with a bright high beam. You may not see the mold that’s big, black, and fuzzy. But if you shine the light along the sides and directly down the wood you’ll notice the mold, as it is very likely protruding off the wood. You’ll see the texture of it on the surface and be able to recognize it if you look straight at it from behind the bright beam of light provided by your flashlight.

There a lot of do-it-yourselves out there who will do something like try to clean up crawl space mold with bleach. This is unsafe and is definitely not recommended by professionals. First of all, being exposed to bleach too long is unhealthy. Secondly, bleach does not completely rid surfaces of mold and can actually cause the mold to become more airborne. And, once it enters into other areas of the house it will start growing there, which is what you do not want.

We’ve seen homeowners try to clean mold in other areas of the house. But when it comes to crawl space mold they tend to call us more regularly. We feel that it is because crawl spaces are a lot harder to clean than other areas that are more open and easier to access.

It’ll always be better to call reputable crawl space mold remediation experts like our contractors at Dallas Mold Removal. We’ll come out to your residence, examine your crawl spaces, and do a free no-obligation estimate that will very likely be much more affordable than the crawl space mold removal costs of our competitors.