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Dallas Mold Removal Company is licensed and insured and is still based in Dallas, Texas, the place where all of our motivated contractors are from. The family-run business still offers the most affordable pricing among mold remediation contractors in the area, and do free inspections as well as free estimates for all who need their mold removal services.

The company itself started after a terrible tropical storm in 2010 called Hermine flooded the area and many homes suffered mold damage because of the excessive rain and water that September. We know first hand how hard it can be to recover from such a horrible natural disaster because we’ve been through it ourselves and actually had to remove mold from our own homes after these terrible storms.

The kind of mold that accumulates in places such as basements and crawl spaces after so much water has sat there for so long can be very dangerous to clean on your own. Not many regular everyday residents will be up for the job, but there are some folks who are do-it-yourselfers who feel that doing something such as tossing bleach everywhere and using that as a base agent will rid that residence of harmful mold.

We advise against this greatly because most agents that the average person will buy will only make the problem worse, and release mold spores into the air of a residence. What this does is allow the mold to relocate to another place and, if the environment suits it, mold will continue to accumulate in those new spaces

The bad part is that those folks who try to tackle a bad mold problem on their own won’t realize that they did anything wrong until someone in the household gets sick. We’ve even seen instances where someone who was a novice at the trade of professional mode remediation would find out after attempting the job themselves that there was a certain type of mold that they were actually allergic to.

Sometimes a person may not feel sick immediately because the effects of being exposed to harmful household mold may not show up right after an attempted cleanup job. It can actually be weeks before they feel any symptoms, and if there’s anyone in the house with pre-existing conditions such as asthma the atmosphere would have now become a lot more dangerous for them to reside in.

At Dallas Mold Removal Company, we serve everyone in and around the city of Dallas as well as Dallas County and surrounding areas. We have dedicated clients in cities such as Addison, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Glenn Heights, Mesquite, University Park, Wilmer, and several other nearby places.

We always offer very affordable pricing and look forward to coming out to your residence to conduct our free mold inspection to determine whether or not the health-harmful fungus has invaded your living spaces. If you’ve seen, smelled, or have been feeling any physical effects that could possibly be the result of residential mold, please don’t hesitate to fill out one of our free estimate forms and give us a call today.