Black Mold Removal

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Even though a lot of do-it-yourselves may try, the truth is a lot of them don’t know how to remove black mold safely. Known as the most dangerous kind out there, the scientific name for black mold is Stachybotrys chartarum. Found in the darkest, dampest places of a residence (such as the basement), black mold cleanup needs to be left to professionals being that there are all kinds of health risks involved for those who try to do it on their own without the proper equipment.

Something as small as a little leak or as large as a recent incident of flooding can create an environment where black mold will thrive and continue to grow. That is until experienced professionals take hold of the situation and begin to take steps in the black mold removal process to rid your home of it.

Black mold is not completely black, and in fact, is sort of dark-greenish. There are some rumors about it that people may see on the internet all the time, but as professionals, we know that there have not been any real documented evidence about most of those claims to back them up.

For example, many of them have heard that black mold can cause infant pulmonary hemorrhage in a newborn who was healthy before being brought around the black mold. This can obviously be very scary for a couple who just had a child and could cause a lot of panic among them to put it lightly. But this is just a rumor and there is really no fact to back that up.

Black Mold Removal

Another rumor is that black mold can cause a person to experience memory loss. This is also unfounded information that has just been blown out of proportion, mostly by those who are novices at black mold treatment. They will sometimes even tell these scary tales of nonsense to homeowners who are simply fearful of the mold and want it out of their house. It’s sad to say but some contractors will use these stories to make homeowners hire them quickly out of fear.

While there is no evidence to back up those frightening claims, black mold, like other kinds of mold, can intensify conditions like asthma that are already present in a person’s body.

Some folks also think that if the mold is not actually alive that it cannot cause harm. But that’s not true. Whether it’s alive or dead the simple presence of mold can cause bad physical reactions. Also, you should know that the reactions a person has who’s come into contact with black mold may be immediately felt or delayed for days or weeks after exposure to it.

If you or someone else in your household has been recently experiencing things like headaches, spontaneous runny nose, red and irritated eyes, sudden rashes on the skin, or other hay fever-like symptoms, then there is a big chance that you may have black mold in your residence somewhere and the spores are now airborne throughout the building. Give us a call at Dallas Mold Removal, and we will not hesitate to come out to your residence to move forward with the black mold removal process.