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One of our most requested services from homeowners in Dallas is attic mold removal. These folks really don’t realize that simple everyday activities and household functions are what cause mold to develop in their attics.

For example, in the wintertime, you of course want to keep your house nice and toasty and will continuously run the heating system so that the home remains at a consistent temperature. But the attic of a home, no matter how warm the rest of it is, stays pretty cold. So, when all of that warm air rises it meets the cold air in the attic.

When the warm air hits that attic area, it’s carrying a lot of moisture up there with it. The surfaces of the attic are cold, so the frost will form on them. Now that everything is wet, all it takes is the overall conditions of the attic to become just right so that mold begins growing.

So many folks go long periods without even noticing this. And, by the time they do realize that they have mold in their attic, the problem is way too far gone for them to even attempt to clean it on their own.

Mold in Attic

One of the first ways that they detect that they may have attic mold is because of that thick, musty smell it creates. The homeowner may notice it a little bit at first, and simply ignore it being that the smell will probably just come and go as the temperatures rise and fall in their home.

The truth is folks simply don’t visit their attics all that much, but by the time they open that door to go up there, they’ll definitely see that it was the area where the smell was coming from when that horrible odor hits their nose!

The smell is just one way to detect mold in the attic, and many folks know how it looks on sight. If you notice that the wood surfaces of your attic have become very dark, then that’s likely mold that has developed because of things like not having the proper type of ventilation up there in the attic.

This dark discoloration on the wood surfaces will only get worse if you ignore the problem, so it’s best to call trusted attic mold removal experts such as our experienced contractors at Dallas Mold Removal Company.

From a wet moist atmosphere to wet insulation in the attic, we’ll get to the root of the problem and start the attic mold removal process to rid that upper area of your home of the harmful fungus. If you have children or elderly folks in the home, or others who live there with conditions such as asthma, then it would behoove you to move forward with allowing us to set a day to visit your residence and get started on immediate attic mold remediation.

After locating the mold and examining exactly how much work actually needs to be done, we will come up with an affordable attic mold removal cost to fit your budget.