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Founded in Dallas, Texas by local independent contractors, Dallas Mold Removal was started because of a need for immediate mold remediation after a natural disaster. The one that started it was a very powerful tropical storm named Hermine that hit the southern border of Texas in September of 2010 and wreaked havoc among the residents of the area.

One of those residents happened to be one of the original contractors who started our company. When he returned to his residence he found that the entire basement had been flooded, and after all of the water was removed he had a serious mold problem.

Being that he and a few members of his family were all Certified Mold Remediation Professionals, they all took terms teaming up at each other’s residences and doing the same job on their own homes that they would do on a regular basis for their individual clients out in the Dallas area, which is professionally clean mold.

Since they had all of the equipment on hand to stay safe while doing the job, they moved forward and did almost a dozen houses for their friends and family members. Afterward, they basically went back to doing their independent contractor duties, which also included things outside of the mold removal business such as common household renovation projects like kitchens and bathrooms.

Dallas Mold Removal

One day one of them came up with the idea to team up permanently since they had all worked together so well when they had done each other’s homes. All before the storm hit, the only mold remediation clients that they got were for mold removal projects in attics, and random ones around the home such as if someone had a leaky window or leaky plumbing that created an environment that harmful mold could thrive in.

But after tropical storm Hermine, dozens and dozens of residents in and around the Dallas area needed the same kind of work done in their homes because of things such as flooded basements and crawl spaces. Those areas had suffered because of flooding and now had terrible infestations of black mold and other species of the harmful fungus.

The contractors decided that since they all had several years of experience, and that the need for mold removal was so high at the time, that it was the perfect moment to capitalize on the opportunity to start their own mold removal service. All of them lived right here in the Dallas, Texas area, so they simply decided to call it Dallas Mold Removal Company.

In just a short period of time, the word spread among residents and good old word-of-mouth is what actually launched the business. It wasn’t until later on that they began to use online advertising, and all of the newer residents to the area are now also aware of their wonderful services where customer satisfaction is still their main priority.

With over 15 years of experience, Dallas Mold Removal is showing no signs of slowing down and we’re very happy to still be serving Dallas County and surrounding areas to this day.