Is nasty, smelly mold currently invading your living spaces?

If so, then the experienced Professional Mold Remediation Contractors at Dallas Mold Removal Company are your most reputable and trusted source for Home Mold Removal in the City of Dallas and around the Dallas County, TX area.



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Mold Removal Dallas

What We Do

Proper Home Mold Mitigation is often imitated by less experienced do-it-yourself.

So make sure your residence receives the attention it deserves from our seasoned pros with 10+ years of experience in Mold Removal. Allow us to make your living spaces healthy again by eliminating harmful airborne mold spores, and getting to the root of the problem with our diligent mold inspection, testing, cleaning, and treatment process.

Dallas Mold Removal
Mold Inspection and

Removal Services


By the time local residents call us for mold removal in Dallas, the fungus sometimes already has grown immensely and has taken over a particular area. The homeowner will probably notice mold somewhere near a window that was leaking, and begin to see an accumulation of the fungus on the outside wall. 

What we have found to be true over 90% of the time with home mold removal jobs is that what you see on the outside wall is only a portion of what’s between those walls. And, an immediate mold cleaning is very necessary to ensure the good health of the residents of that home.


Do you find yourself feeling sort of sick or nauseous after sitting in a particular place in your home for an extended period of time? You’d be surprised how many hidden places in your home where mold can grow, and how your previous contractors likely overlooked those discrete areas.

Our calls for mold removal in Dallas usually begin with a person telling us how they recently visited a physician, and that the doctor told them that they should have a mold inspection done in their residence. Our top-notch mold inspection will let you know the details of your infestation.


Mold testing is a routine procedure of ours when conducting mold removal in Dallas. There are several signs that you may need it done to remove mold that may be already advanced in growth and is currently spreading within your home. 

For example, someone who lives there may begin to experience itchy, red eyes. Or, they may have spontaneous skin irritation on the parts of their body that are exposed to the air which makes them suddenly begin to itch more when they are in certain places in the house. Signs like these could mean that a thorough mold testing and cleaning should be conducted soon within those living spaces.



Services We Offer


Professional mold removal in Dallas is regularly prompted by black mold which is one of the most dangerous types of the fungus that could grow in your home. There are a lot of unfounded rumors about black mold concerning the health conditions that it can cause, and they scare a lot of people so much that some homeowners will rapidly hire a company that is not trusted or reputable.

While black mold is hazardous to your health, it’s still important that you hire skilled Professional Mold Remediation Contractors who know how to conduct mold cleaning in the proper way.


Mold removal in Dallas (as well as anywhere else for that matter) is always a down and dirty job. While many homeowners may try to tackle the task on their own in other spaces of the house that are more accessible, when it comes to crawl space mold removal, they almost always immediately call us!

Crawl spaces require us to do just that – literally crawl through and identify what type of mold and how much of it has accumulated in that lower-level area of your home. The crawl space will regularly include things like your HVAC unit, which can transport harmful airborne mold spores into other parts of the residence.


Let’s face it, people barely go up into their attics unless it’s completely necessary! So, sometimes the last thing that they think they’d be calling us for is the removal of attic mold that has accumulated. But normal everyday household activities (such as continuously running the heater in the wintertime) can cause heat and moisture to rise and make it wet and stuffy up there. When that heat idly sits in the attic constantly, mold can develop quickly on the surfaces of that moist environment.

If you’ve actually seen mold or smelled it in your residence, then call us at Dallas Mold Removal Company. Our experienced Professional Mold Remediation Contractors will conduct a free mold inspection to see how bad your problem is.


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We offer the most affordable rates to Dallas homeowners and buyers, renters, home sellers, realtors and building managers. When you call us, your worries about harmful mold making your home unhealthy are over!

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A current mold inspection and mold test is all that’s needed for us to give you an affordable price for our mold cleaning services at Dallas Mold Removal Company. So go ahead! Fill out one of our free estimate forms, and give us a phone call today!

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At Dallas Mold Removal Company, we offer a 90-day guarantee along with our free mold inspection and test. There’s also a 3-year service warranty for your added peace of mind.